Harding & Jacob Insurance Agency

Harding and Jacob Insurance Agency, based out of Independence, Ohio, was established as an independent insurance agency in 1932.  For over 80 years, we have provided insurance solutions to  individuals, professionals and business owners.  Today, we provide insurance services to more than 6,000 individuals and businesses.  We sustain these relationships by always putting our clients’ interests first, by offering practical solutions, and by providing excellent customer service.

Our expertise, attention to detail and dedication to our customers set us apart from other agencies.  Whether your insurance needs are personal, business, or both, we have a genuine interest in finding the right solutions for you.

Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agency?

Our Beliefs

We Believe insurance planning is the basis for protecting the financial future of your family or business in the event of an economic disaster.

We Believe in providing solutions to problems, problems that come with price tags. The small problems, you can absorb; the big problems can absorb you.

We Believe in questions. Only through an honest dialogue of questions and answers can problems be exposed and addressed.


Mission Statement

To provide our clients with exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct, and outstanding service.  


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